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    7-1/2’ Superior (SAMI) c/ku mesh dish $699.00
10’- Superior (SAMI) c/ku mesh dish $849.00


18" Von Weise Actuator



18" Venture Acme actuator  600# load,  w/grease zirk fitting. 7' to 10' dishes.  VA-18

24" Venture  super duty for larger dishes. 12' + 1000# soad   VA-24 $199.00
24" Venture Ball Actuator  VA-24B $279.00


Chapparal Micro Pak 25 deg.Fixed scalar,Compact,lightweight Design, Servo driven $79.00
Polorotor 1E. Standard issue feed horn $59.00 $79.00
Polarity servo Motor, universal,  fits most 3 wire polarity feeds. Cure your even/odd channel problems. $18.00
 genuine Chapparal C/KU feed w/ 17deg. LNB and .6 KULNB. Upgrade your C-Band or 4DTV system for more channels. Feed horn only>>> $199.00


             LNBs  Replace your tired Amp and improve your picture.

25 deg.  Astrotel LNB $39.00
17 deg. Astrotel LNB $49.00

          CABLE and CONNECTORS

Dual RG-6 one run
all-in-one ribbon
1.00 /foot (350' minimum)
  RG-6 Coax heavy duty (low loss) .16 /foot
F-56 Coax connectors .25 /ea.
Barrel splice connectors .25 /ea.
F-type terminator .45/ ea .45 /ea
2-way R.F. Splitters

4-way R.F. Splitters
$1.50 /ea.

$2.95 /ea


Super Sensor- reed switch. Cure those actuator error blues! $currently N/A
Actuator Jack accordion boot 18"
Keeps moisture out of the actuator tube.
$19.99 ea.
Motor cover. Protects actuator motor from moisture. $15.00 ea.


POWERMAX DBS Surge protector.
Guards Against lightning and voltage spikes. 8 A.C.outlets, 4 coax plus phone line protection. The best!

RCA UHF extender
Remote control extender. Control all your remote components in a second room.
Channel 3 or 4 signal combiner. Combines Satellite and antenna signal on 1 wire $16.00/ea
COAX line amp. Boost signal for runs over 200’ for C-band or DBS. $18.00
HTS Expert Remote Kit.
Replaces all HTS and Echostar C-band remotes
some used available
We always have a complete selection of good used
tested or refurbished equipment for sale.
Here are some examples…

VC-2 Plus descrambler modules $79.00 ea.
HTS Tracker 5 & 8 IRDs - $179-$250.00
G.I. 450 & 550I IRDs - $229.00 up
Toshiba TRX-2220 IRD - $250.00
Zenith 7000 IRD - $200.00
Echo SRD-710 IRD - $200.00
Also misc. Drake, STS, Janeil, Luxor, Echo, Uniden
receivers, Downconverters, LNAs, Dish movers, Etc.

Order Toll Free! 1-800-671-8953
Ranger Satellite Systems
249 Rogue River Hwy.
Grants Pass, OR 97527
(541) 479-8259

We Ship
1, 2 & 3 Day Upgrades Available
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